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Securing a hookah bar in the city top
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  • Everyone who visits the city page see first of all your place.
  • When searching by location, your place will be displayed higher than other bars if your place is located less than 2 km away, even if other bars are located closer.
  • Link to your place will be in a special block on each hookah bar page of your city.
  • 3 spots available. When they get filled we can give you another one. Monthly rate. Pay for a month to easily extend your spot for the next month. Your place is hold for you as long as we work together.
  • If you have bars chain we will create a free chain page and fix it in the top. In this case, the cost will increase by 2 times
  • There are discounts and special offers for regular customers. These are not just words, we mean it.
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