Are you the hookah lounge owner or manager?

Here is the main reasons why you should add your lounge to our website:

  • Its free of charge
  • listing in where2smoke will give you more potential guests from the auditory of our website and community
  • We have a features which will never have google maps, yelp, trip advisor or other restaurant aggregators: we analyse your shisha menu
  • Professional hookah lovers will be able to find your venue with a request to smoke a shisha with a specific tobacco brand or hookah model by brand
  • Shisha manufacturers use Where2smoke to show their fans where to smoke their product in which lounges
  • We have a network of people who visit lounges and write professional reviews
  • We have a business community of lounge owners \ managers in Telegram and you can join it. In this community everyone share their knowledge and experience from hookah lounge industry. When you finish the registration of your lounge - system will give you instruction how to join the business community.

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